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Inclusion, Equity, and Student Centering

Zion Learning staff share a passion for bringing inclusion and equity to tutoring. We pride ourselves on putting students first and continuously learning how we can adjust to the needs of our students. While our students are important, we encourage all staff to exercise healthy work-life balance with open communication and realistic goal-setting. If you want to change a student's life, create valuable relationships, and enjoy what you do, we may be biased, but Zion Learning is definitely the place for you!

Current Job Openings

Math/Writing Tutor

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Job Details

This opportunity involves supporting elementary and high school students with math, writing, and science. Tutors provide homework support and supply additional materials to aid student success. Tutoring takes place at two sites, both in Oakland, CA at 3:15 pm (tentative):


Site 1: Math support, 3rd, 4th, 5th grades; Tuesdays and Thursdays, ~4 hours weekly


Site 2: Math, Writing, and Science, 10th grade; Wednesdays, ~2.5 hours weekly


More opportunities may become available. Tutors must be available 4 days per week, 4 hours per day. If other in-person opportunities are unavailable, the remaining days can be utilized for remote, online tutoring.


Essential Duties and Responsibility

-Develop appropriate and healthy relationships with students

-Assess students' academic strengths and weaknesses, and help students set goals for improvement

-Communicate with parents/guardians regarding overall student progress.

-Perform other related duties as needed

-Uphold Zion Learning's code of conduct and standards of business


Compensation: $23/hr


Start date: September 2023


Job type: Part-time, hybrid



-Bachelor's Degree or be currently enrolled in an accredited 4-year college or 2nd-year student at a junior college

-Strong knowledge of K-12 learning concepts

-Fluent in math and writing concepts for different skill levels

-2 years of past tutoring or youth education-based experience (past teaching experience is a plus)

-Experience mentoring, tutoring, and/or teaching students of color and underrepresented communities

-Proficient in navigating computer-based resources and/or able to learn new platforms quickly

-Ability to work one-on-one and in groups with students over technology platforms

-Willing to undergo a tuberculosis screening test or provide a negative test result from a physician within the last 4 years


Additional requirements:

-Must be able to work in the United States

-Must be able to pass a background check and fingerprinting

-Must be able to work a minimum of 6 months

-Ability to be proactive in all situations

-Great communications skills

-Excellent organizational skills

-Upbeat personality


-Consistent positive attitude

-Desire to be a role model for young students

-Professional at all times


Thank you for considering Zion Learning for your next job!

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