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Reading in a Bookstore

Writing and Reading

Reading and writing are powerful skills to hone. They are the gateway to communication and building individual vocabulary. It is important that our students learn how to express themselves and find their unique writing voice to convey their thoughts and feelings in both structured essays and creative formats. By working on writing and reading foundations, our students explore new modes of thinking and writing techniques to practice, including:

  • how to organize ideas during brainstorming

  • grammar and punctuation

  • how to establish a coherent argument

  • the rules of the English language

How To Get Started

  1. Contact us to speak with a member of our team. We want to learn how we can help.

  2. Purchase one of our tutoring packages.

  3. Complete our new student form.

  4. Get connected to your tutor, gain access to our tutoring platform, and book sessions.

  5. Get ready for a positive learning experience and meaningful tutor interactions!

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