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A Message From Our Founder

La'Vonnda Haynes-Burnett Founder of Zion Learning

La'Vonnda E. A. Haynes-Burnett, MFA

Founder of Zion Learning

Doctor of Education Candidate, Grand Canyon University

Author of Zola, Peace President

Founder of Elbee Web Design

Graduate of UC Davis & St. Mary's College of CA

CBEST Certified Educator

Thank you so much for visiting our site and taking the first step in kicking down those educational hurdles! Whether you are inquiring for yourself, your child, a relative, or friend, Zion Learning is ready to make learning a positive journey instead of a painful venture. Many have had bad experiences in their classrooms with educators who were not passionate about student success or had too many students to provide attention to individual needs.


My promise is to continue to have an outlet for our students, to help fill in the gaps, and make learning fun again. Yes, fun! There is an overwhelming feeling when you finally understand something that was once a struggle and I would love to share in that excitement with my Bay Area family!

As an Oakland native, and a product of Oakland Public Schools, I know what our children need, because I know what I needed, and most times, did not quite get. If every student received the care and attention of a tutor, their outlook on education and life, would drastically shift for the better.

Please continue to browse our website to learn more about what we do. If you are interested in jump starting a tutoring session, click on the contact link to submit an inquiry. We look forward to serving you!

Thanks again!
La'Vonnda Haynes-Burnett, MFA

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