Zion Learning was created to cultivate a new confidence in students. There is a tendency for others to discredit the brilliance of a student when it takes longer for them to master a topic. With Zion Learning, students create lasting relationships with their tutor that helps affirm that they have someone who wants them to succeed. Students are required to keep asking questions until they get what they need and to never give up, because their tutor will never give up on them!

Mentoring to Success

Zion Learning recognizes that true success is not limited to academics. It is imperative that students are surrounded by individuals who demonstrate genuine care and lead them to positive outlooks on life. We encourage our students to self-affirm their capabilities when things get rough--"I am smart. I am intelligent. I can do all things." These are life skills not limited to school tests. When others attempt to deter our students from being the best they can be, they will have an arsenal of positivity to continue their road to success.

In-Home Services

You may have noticed the 'in-home tutoring' part of our tag line. Sessions with Zion Learning means learning from the comfort of your home with no extra fees attached. We do understand that your home is a very personal space, and in the event you do not feel comfortable tutoring at home, we can arrange an alternate meeting place that is convenient for you.

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