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Study Skills Tutoring

Studying is an artform. It is often difficult for students to study because they have do not know the different ways they can study and the methods that are best for them to understand the material. Most students just don't know where to start. Zion Learning takes the time to determine our students' learning styles and what study method will help them grasp the concepts

Effective Study Habits

We encourage studying to be seen as an ongoing process not limited to the days leading up to a big test. Finding healthy and effective study habits helps our students retain the material instead craming and forgetting the material the day after the test.

Using Learning Styles

The way a student learns greatly informs the best way for them to study. If a student is a visual learner it will not help them to listen to a recording to understand the material. By using learning styles, studying will be less overwhelming and boring.

Building Life Skills

Establishing study skills is a competency that can be used at all ages and in all sectors. There will always be a use for knowing how you absorb information best. For our young students, we are teaching them skills that will last a lifetime!

How To Get Started

  1. Contact us to speak with a member of our team. We want to learn how we can help.

  2. Purchase one of our tutoring packages.

  3. Complete our new student form.

  4. Get connected to your tutor, gain access to our tutoring platform, and book sessions.

  5. Get ready for a positive learning experience and meaningful tutor interactions!

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