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Policy Agreement

Zion Learning Policy Agreement

Last updated 11/16/2021


Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Please read our terms and conditions in its entirety. Upon starting tutoring sessions you acknowledge and agree to the following:

Information collected is used solely for the use of Zion Learning to make sure that we help our students the best we can. Your direct information will not be shared with 3rd parties unless the student is affiliated with a 3rd party partner. Demographic information such as, but not limited to, zip code, tutoring mediums (in-home or online), gender, and school, may be used. All students will remain anonymous.


Tutoring session package payments are required before beginning tutoring sessions. Payment can be completed via or by request of an invoice.

  • All payments must be received prior to scheduling sessions on the platform. Packages can be purchased at

  • When sessions are scheduled, they will show as a balance owed on the platform

  • Balances owed can be found on the 'Accounts and Invoices' tab. Your balance owed will show in red.

  • Sessions that are scheduled without payment will result in an invoice due within 48 hours or your sessions being taken off the calendar (ZL's discretion)

  • If sessions have been conducted with missing payment, it will result in an invoice that must be paid within 48 hours before late fees accrue

  • Late fees will be $10 each day after the due date

  • Late fees will also apply for declined card payments

  • Zion Learning reserves the right to require cards on file and charge cards without notice for clients who repeat instances of missed payment

  • Zion Learning reserves the right to charge cards on file.


We will make sure to be in contact with you if see balances owed, but please practice diligence in avoiding balances.


All session purchases are nonrefundable. Zion Learning will work to provide a positive learning environment for students including changing tutors if a tutor pairing does not meet student needs.


  • Tutoring session cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Session cancellations made more than 24 hours before sessions will hold as a make up credit.

  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours from the scheduled session will be billed as a completed session.

  • In the event a student is late to a scheduled session, the intended start time will be observed for payment. After 15 mins of waiting, a tutor reserves the right to end the session, and a full session completion will be acknowledged and deducted from the remaining sessions in the purchased package. (6 minute grace period will be observed for student and tutor).



  • It is encouraged that a Guardian provides a sample or notification of subject material to be covered 24 hours prior to each scheduled session (school/class website link will suffice).

  • If a tutor is late more than 10 minutes, you have the option to extend the tutoring session to account for the lost time

  • Zion Learning reserves the right to refuse tutoring sessions for any student who does not abide by the Code of Conduct



In order to make sure everyone helps to maintain a productive learning environment, Zion Learning has created the following Code of Conduct. Guardians and students must agree to uphold the following:

Be Prepared
All students must be on time and prepared for their tutoring sessions with questions, textbooks, classwork/homework, returned tests, progress reports, and any other materials that will aid them in understanding their curriculum. Other necessary materials may include a pen, pencil, notepad, loose paper, graphing paper, a ruler, calculator, etc.

Be Positive
Learning new things is sometimes very frustrating. Many times we can do a better job of learning when we think positively instead of getting upset when it takes longer to learn a topic. All students are required to continue to TRY even when it seems impossible. It will get better! It will get easier!

Additional student requirements:
• Enjoy your time, laugh!
• Respect your tutor
• Respect yourself
• Do not doubt yourself
• Try to keep your energy high
• Attentively listen

• Do not give up
• Only use electronic devices to complete your work
(i.e. no texting, no social media)
• No profanity
• Keep asking until you understand
• Believe you can do all things!



Zion Learning is not responsible for any computer malfunctions, compromised information, or malware, as a result of technology used for online tutoring and/or third party platforms that aid in Zion Learning's business functions.

All tutoring sessions are recorded for quality control and student safety. In compliance with FERPA and HIPAA guidelines, recordings will not be accessed by any parties that have not been granted permission. The only parties granted permission to see tutoring session recordings are students, the parent/guardian who registered the student, the assigned tutor and those provided permission to by the parent/guardian. For students over 18, parents will not have permission to view recordings without student permission. As of now, requests to view recordings should be sent to La'Vonnda Haynes-Burnett, but please limit requests to more urgent need as we grow this process.


Tutoring sessions do not guarantee student performance and no refunds will be issued in the event that a client is not satisfied with tutoring results.

It is requested, but not mandated, that a review and rating of these tutoring services be posted on Zion

Learning’s Facebook page, Google listing, and/or Yelp.


Zion Learning reserves the right to terminate services at any time for any client that does not observe the terms and conditions stated above or creates a hostile client/tutor relationship, as determined by Zion Learning. Zion Learning reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time and will notify clients of such changes.

If you have questions or comments about this Policy Agreement, please contact us at:


Zion Learning
490 Lake Park Ave #16174
Oakland, CA 94610
(866) 314-9466

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