Starting Tutoring Should Keep A Smile On Your Face

Just 6 steps to begin!

  1. Contact us by providing your information here​

  2. Receive an email or phone call to determine the right tutor for you

  3. Purchase a tutoring package on our site

  4. Get connected to your tutor

  5. Schedule a phone consultation with your tutor

  6. Submit tutoring forms (online!)

  7. Begin tutoring on Zoom!!

Get to know your tutor...

Before we conduct any tutoring sessions, we make it a point to meet you via phone and understand your learning concerns. We want to build that trust with you before we are connected to your child.

Schedule Frequency

Tutoring sessions are conducted 1-3 times per week at a max of 1.5 hours each (excludes SAT). You have the option of paying for sessions as we conduct them or pre-pay for them on a weekly/monthly basis. For those who opt for the pre-pay method, there is a special discount!

We pride ourselves on having affordable rates as to not marginalize any student. Check out our rates. If you would like multiple students to be in a session, please note that in the comment section when you contact us so we can send you an accurate price quote for your needs.

Affordable Rates


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