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Zion Learning Raises Money for Free Tutoring Sessions

In our effort to make sure that educational support is not a burden for parents or unattainable for marginalized students, Zion Learning has raised $3500 with the help of generous donors. Donations were collected via Facebook in a fundraiser created by our founder, La'Vonnda Haynes-Burnett. 10 students will have the opportunity to utilize 10 tutor

ing sessions during the fall school year. This comes at a time when the future of many schools is uncertain and parent concern is at its height. It is our hope that gifting these sessions to students will provide much needed support and a confidence boost to students in subjects that may be an obstacle in their scholastic journey.

This is the second time Zion Learning has been able to provide free tutoring to students. In our first effort, we raised over $2000 as a COVID-19 relief campaign and provided tutoring for 23 students. Parents were grateful for the opportunity and we were equally grateful for their trust in tutoring their child.

This time around students awarded the scholarship will have tutoring span for almost the entire fall semester and we cannot wait to see their growth in school!

Zion Learning will release a scholarship application in the coming weeks to award 4 students. The remaining 6 sessions will be awarded based on recommendations from organizations serving students in the community. Follow us on Facebook to get notified of our scholarship application!

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