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Will COVID-19 spark a long-term homeschooling shift?

Parents have had to make some major adjustments, but will they get the hang of homeschooling and continue in the Fall?

This pandemic has placed parents in a real bind around the world, but particularly in the United States where students are at school/programs more than they are at home, you can imagine the huge shift that has taken place. Students are not just out for a long break, they are actively having to finish packets or joining classes online with their teacher and classmates.

Should I go ahead and keep going with homeschooling to avoid this from happening again and have a hand on my child's education?

How have parents been adjusting?

Well, for the most part, parents want to give every teacher a million dollar raise. It's hard work to help with distance learning/homeschooling, and teaching children requires a lot of patience. But although parents have been tested past some of their highest limits, they are still considering the question: should I go ahead and keep going with homeschooling to avoid this from happening again and have a hand on my child's education?

Why are parents considering homeschooling?

Well a child's safety is a parent's top priority. If we are currently unable to go to the grocery store, park, or restaurant without social distancing, how can parents feel 100% okay with sending students to a heavily populated school? Though this pandemic will not last forever, trusting science and the hope that the government is making appropriate decisions is a very difficult position to place parents in.

Which makes the decision to home school quite an easier one. Some parents will opt to work from home to continue what they have started, seeing the impact of having more time to learn about their children, combat problematic bullying received a school, and instill culturally appropriate life lessons, has made the homeschooling venture more than worth it.

Tutoring will be the peace of mind many families need.

Parents are the superheros of the world, but it is unfair to place all the pressures on them to provide instruction and structure to learning everyday. Online tutors are a great means of helping fill in the gaps for subjects that may be difficult to explain. Zion Learning tutors are equipped to find out the way your student naturally learns and how it needs to be presented for the most impact.

If you need assistance with homeschooling, please contact us for a free consultation to be paired with one of our outstanding tutors. You do not have to do this journey alone!

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