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Convenient Tutoring

Attentive Mentorship

Increased Student Confidence

College Preparation Track

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Teacher and Student
Teacher Assisting a Student
Your Convenience Is Our Priority:
In-Home Tutoring!

One of the biggest obstacles that concerned parents face is whether or not the extra academic help they get for their children will be accessible and convenient. With Zion Learning, that worry is eliminated!

Proven Success:
Higher Grades, Guaranteed!


We know what tools students need to achieve their personal goals--because we understand what help we would have wanted at their level. Our students on average improve by 2 letter grades. Not only that, they understand the material! 

Different Students
Need Different Approaches

Zion Learning recognizes that true success is not limited to academics and there is not one pathway to personal academic success. It is imperative that students are surrounded by genuine care and patience to figure out their strengths and interests.

Parent Testimonials

Both my teen & my elementary student received tutoring. They loved the interactions with the tutors and would look forward to their sessions. Both kids are more knowledgeable and confident in math & reading. I will continue to use Zion for future tutoring. Did I mention that the service is VERY reasonably priced!

-Simone B.

Our tutor really made a difference in my son's learning experience. She instilled in him the confidence that he can handle the sixth grade. He looks forward to his sessions every week. I know it's just the beginning of the year, but I finally have hope!!

-Zazlyn L.

My son has been working with Zion learning for a full year and we've noticed huge improvements. His confidence in his academic ability has increased along with his willingness to take risk. My child is easily frustrated when he doesn't understand, loves to be right on the first try, dislikes constructive criticism and won't ask teachers for help. Nonetheless, since working with Zion Learning and Ms. La'Vonnda he is overcoming these challenges. I highly recommend Zion learning to any parent seeking tutoring services for their scholar. They not only help your child produce academic results but they also help build resilience no matter what learning style you child has.

-Tracy L.

I was referred to this service by a friend and just loved it! My daughter's tutor was very attentive and loving and cared about how my she was doing in all aspects. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs a tutor. I will be signing up again! Thank you Zion Learning staff and a special thanks to our tutor for all you have done. You are truly one of a kind!

-Tina B.

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